FREE Pro Clubs Trainer for FIFA 19 Cheat Table

FREE Pro Clubs Trainer for FIFA 19 Cheat Table 16-8-2019

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I am new here. I want to share free pro clubs trainer for FIFA 19. It's full featured and fully customizable.

FIFA 19 was released in 2018, as another football stimulation video game in the most popular FIFA series. It features an online mode known as ‘Pro Clubs.’ It is extremely popular among FIFA fans and allows them to create or join a club themselves. Players can play with their friends in this club and play online matches with them using their Pro Player, which they created in career mode, and up to eleven players. Pro Clubs game mode can be accessed under the online menu in FIFA 19.

Players have to build up their character for example, they set the height and assign the skill points.

Also, the Drop-In Match menu also allows players to just join a random match and play online with random people who drop in to the same match session at the same time. Your Pro player will grow and improve his stats as he progresses through the matches.

Download our free Pro Clubs Cheat Table for FIFA 19 and experience all the cheats you see in the screenshot below. You can modify your stats any way you like, you can increase or decrease any Stat with the help of the ‘Pro Stat Booster’ cheat code. Plus, you can also max out your bot stats + bot 5 star weak foot + bot 5 star skill moves. Not only this, you can also use Legacy defending cheat. Here, we provide you with a full, free, and open source as a convenient CT file. Download our Free Pro Clubs Cheat Table for FIFA 19 and enjoy!

This is a "resource" download, the link to the resource is here and on that page the download link is on the top right


  1. Pro stat booster (full custom scripts for each stats, increase or decrease any stat
  2. Bot hacks (max out your bot stats + bot 5 star weak foot + bot 5 star skill moves)
  3. Legacy defending ( bots defending even better with legacy defending)
Combine them all or choose whatever want to you use. I can't add pictures for help beacause new accounts can't add pictures i think but i try to answer if anyone needs help.

It's CT file. I think everybody know how to use Cheat Engine here. Don't forget to edit your pro stats one by one and save CT file for next use. You have to be captain for use this cheats.

It is full, free and open source guys! Don't sell it and don't buy from anyone.

If you want to donate to keep free project up:

btc 1HPmH5gAHMr7toUGvq9dRY4tpVRWU6NNZL
eth 0x95c3f41f66bb2d4b2f6f560382ed3c62d4000fdb
ltc LVG47tcjzQtjQirsjNHze6G9cp1imLU4WW

Help for pro stat edits:
1-Double click to open any script.
2-In script window you will see helpi find line "add r14d,#0".
3-Edit "#0" number for add points. Leave #0 for default. Negative numbers can be used. Example "add r14d,#7" adds 7 to your stats, if your stamina is 80, with this scipt your stamina will be 87. Customize all stats how you want.
4-After edit press OK button.
5-Attach Cheat Engine to FIFA 19 and enable scripts.
6-Don't forget to save cheat engine file for save your changes. (File>Save)

other scripts dont need to be edited, just enable and use :)

with love from ITALIA !!
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One of the most viewed and most downloaded files on GH. Marco has been consistently updating this every couple of weeks. Good shit.
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