Dying Light Hack - Aimbot, ESP & more

Dying Light Hack - Aimbot, ESP & more 1.35.0

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*supported gameversion: 1.35.0*

Hey Guys,

im releasing my Internal Dying Light Hack
Its an internal with overlay, so use in window / borderless windowmode.

Dying Light is a popular single player and multiplayer 2015 zombie survival video game published by Warner Bros. You play as Kyle Crane who is an operative sent to infiltrate a quarantine area where a zombie outbreak has occurred. The development studio Techland previously released Dead Island, and this game is certainly similar. It's a great game and it was very well received in reviews. The game was released for X Box, PlayStation & PC in 2015. A sequel was announced, at E3 in 2018 and we are still waiting for news on it's release.

Dying Light is an open world game based in a middle eastern city filled with zombies, you can describe the gameplay as melee parkour as much of the game you are jumping roof top to roof top and slashing through hordes of zombies. You also spend much of you time running away from powerful zombies, it is easy to get overrun and killed if you are not careful.

With my Dying Light hack you can give yourself an advantage over your enemies. It is an internal hack which features an external overlay, meaning you will inject a DLL and it will spawn a transparent window over the game window. The best features this hack has is the aimbot and ESP, which makes killing zombies incredibly easy. In addition to those features, there is a kill aura which kills all zombies within 5 meters, basically instantly.

You can also fly around the game very easily with the fly hack, and if that's not fast enough for you, you can teleport to a map marker using numpad1. In addition this Dying Light cheat has god mode so you can't die, rapid fire so your guns can shoot very fast, unlimited ammo so you don't run out of bulets & and a zoomable 2D radar so you can see enemies behind you and to either side.

  • Aimbot
  • ESP (Zombie / distance)
  • Kill Aura (kills every Zombie which comes closer then 5 metres instantly)
  • Flyhack (use SPACE to gain height, arrow-keys to navigate)
  • Instant camouflage (You turn invisible to zombies)
  • Teleport to Mapmarker (Numpad 1)
  • Godmode
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Rapidfire
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Experiance BOOST
  • 2D Radar + Zoomslider

Here is a short demonstration of the Dying Light Hack features:


While using the mapteleport it makes sense to toggle the flyhack also. Because of the differences in altitude it can happen that you either fall out of the map or you spawn high up in the air. By activating the flyhack also you avoid death.
Some features are disabled on death.

Thanks to
@BDKPlayer for his awesome -> Aimbot video <- and help regarding fastcalls.
@metrix for pointing out some stuff i didnt thought about & testing.
@XdarionX for some tipps.

Have a great day,
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