Download Warframe Cheat - Aimbot & ESP

Download Warframe Cheat - Aimbot & ESP 1.0 x64

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Warframe is a very popular free to play third person shooter and RPG. It has consistently been found on the Steam Top 25 Games list for the past 2 years, having been released in 2014. The game is available on Playstation 4, XBox One and Nintendo Switch. It's a fast paced shooter and melee massive multiplayer online game. Warframe is a really fun game, it's no surprise it's so popular. The game is updated frequently and there are 6-7 expansions with hundreds of hours of game play. If you like GunZ you might like this game, as it's very fast paced with lots of jumping, shooting & slashing.

Similar to the game Anthem, Warframe features third person mech suit type combat including guns and melee weapons like swords. It's weapon and equipment have a high amount of customization options available to you, with a very long rank & unlock progression system. Maxing out your character would take months of heavy grinding, but you can use this cheat to ensure you rank up faster.

Warframe Anticheat

Warframe does not have kernel anticheat but it's usermode anticheat is pretty good. You can attach Cheat Engine to the game no problem but finding pointers is a nightmare, most will not be valid after you start the game. It is hard to keep Warframe cheats updated because the game updates frequently. If you want your Warframe cheat to work, you must use pattern scanning.

We recommend you inject the cheat with GH Injector or Extreme Injector and use Manual Mapping and other settings to decrease the chance you will be detected.

Warning - HWID Bans

During the development of this hack I was HWID banned, but I'm not sure if it was from the cheat itself, or from consistently breakpointing the game over the course of a week. Use at your own risk.

Nomade's Warframe Cheat

I made a working cheat for Warframe but I think I got hwid banned so I couldn't develop it anymore (Also I was kinda sick of working on it, I learned a LOT though so I'm really grateful).

  • Warframe ESP
  • Aimbot
  • Aimbot Speed
  • Aimbot FOV
  • Aimbot FOV Circle

This project was built using my single header libraries:
Source Code - set of single-header libraries for C/C++

It's an internal cheat that uses D3D11 and features a simple menu. The Warframe aimbot is not perfect, but for a game with no public cheats, it works well enough. The ESP is rather simple but it's good enough for me. This cheat should give you a significant advantage over other players because there are not really any public cheats for this game. The ESP will allow you to see enemies through walls, knowing where they are at all times. The aimbot will let you lock onto your targets, within a pre-defined FOV and the FOV circle will be displayed on the screen, so you know who it will lock on to and in what range.

Warframe Cheat Download
You can download the DLL using the download button on the top right of the page

Cheat Source Code
You can download the source code with premium subscription here. You need to donate 8$ to get access to the premium section.

Password: guidedhacking

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