Dead Space 3 Cheat Table

Dead Space 3 Cheat Table 2019-12-19

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Sleeping Dogs is a super exciting action adventure video game developed by United Front games. It’s fiery release in 2012 gained positive reviews from huge masses. The plot of the game is set in contemporary Hong Kong. The player is given control of the main protagonist Wei Shen, a Chinese American undercover police officer whose mission is to infiltrate Sun on Triad organization. Wei Shen is a former Sanfrancisco police officer but then gets a transfer to Hong Kong Police Force in the crime dominated city. The main story line is divided into two subplots. The game is set in an open world environment and gives a third person perspective to the player. Sleeping Dogs begin with linear tutorials to familiarize the players with Wei Shen’s controls. After the tutorials, start the real big time missions along with side missions and other thrilling side missions to level up the heat. Player controls the police officer and explores the game world running, jumping, climbing, swimming, driving, rowing and riding. The super adventurous gameplay also features a heads up display (HUD) interface which shows a mini map, key locations and Shen's current position. As the player completes missions and progresses in the game he acquires various safe houses to save his progress in. The game does not feature any multiplayer mode but online players do have the privilege to compare scores from online leaderboards.

//[ This Cheat contains ]\\

Weapon Stats (Ammo, Damage, Reload speed, and Fire-rate )
Spooling weapon hack (Basically increased fire-rate on every shot)
Stasis Spam

And also a few notes in the bottom right of cheat engine (Table Extras)

Bigger +30 cheat table -> Dead Space 3 Cheat Table Trainer +30
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