Crysis 3 Cheat Table
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Crysis 3 is an action packed first person shooter game by Crytek. It is a 2013 release, and is the third sequel of the main series ‘Crysis.’ The setting of the gameplay is a smart blent of the city landscape and a forest setting. The plot is set in the post-apocalyptic New York city and also features the "Seven Wonders" ;each wonder having its own unique landscape and tactical layout.

The players are given control of the ‘Prophet’ with an aim to defeat the Ceph, a technologically advanced alien race. Players explore the game sliding, sprinting, jumping and crouching and encounter hostile enemies with cool firearms like guns or a compound bow. Crysis 3 also features explosives like grenades and C4 and also efficient melee attacks. The Prophet wears an armor called the Nanosuit which uses energy/power to work.

Unlike Crysis 2, the levels in Crysis 3 are open ended and give more freedom to the players. There are seven levels in the gameplay altogether and players can take different approaches and various routes to reach their objectives. We have incredible hacks to assist your gaming skills throughout the game and make it more exciting. Use Super speed and Super jump to give a tough time to those enemies or acquire infinite energy for your Nanosuit with the Infinite energy cheat code. Enhance your shots with the ingenious No recoil and No spread hacks. Get an unlimited supply of ammos, C4 and bow arrows with Infinite ammo and Infinite bow arrows & C4 cheat. Just Download this Crysis 3 Cheat and get them all.

This is Cheat Engine table for Crysis 3 with following features that works both singleplayer and online on servers:
- Infinite ammo
- Infinite bow arrows & C4
- No recoil (visible on kill records)
- No spread
- Nametags - see enemies names through map, simple wallhack
- No vertical collision aka no clip, playing in hunter gamemode will give you god mode ;^)
- Super speed (+shotgun = god)
- Super jump (+sniper + good spot = god)
- Infinite energy (singleplayer only, its server sided tho)

You have to use stealthedit CE plugin to modify modules executable memory, otherwise you will get banned instatly!
Admins on servers will ban you if you are too suspicious!
Use at your own risk, dont complain!

Crysis 3 was not updated past many years and it is not going to be so this cheat is stable but i am no longer interested in this game so dont expect improvements/support.
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