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CrySearch Memory Scanner Download 3.3

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CrySearch is a lightweight memory scanner application written in C++. Its purpose is analysis, debugging and memory modification. CrySearch is a Cheat Engine-like application, but because my taste and feel is different, my application works in quite a different way, with a few features that are not included in Cheat Engine.


I was surprised to see that this actually has been updated in 2018:

  • Changes to Import Parser:
    • Fixed bug where restoring the function address from the export table would fail because of ordinal misclassification;
    • Fixed bug where API Set redirections would be incorrectly resolved in rare cases;
    • Fixed bug where some packed application such as UPX would display wrong output for some functions.
  • Changes to Disassembler:
    • Fixed bug where entrypoint button did not work correctly;
    • Fixed bug where CrySearch would crash when opening certain packed applications.
  • Added code cave scanner to the tools menu (Since v3.2, forgot release note);
  • Fixed bug in address table where selecting pointer mode and no offsets would crash CrySearch;
  • Added option in settings dialog to leave physically unbacked pages alone (anti-cheat option);
  • Updated Capstone library to version 3.0.5;
  • Updated U++ to 12158;
  • Fixed the PID brute-forcing algorithm to only consider 4-byte aligned PIDs (Mi4uric3's suggestion);
  • Fixed bug in the memory scanner where any next scan after the second one resulted in wrong results.

Source code also available in C++, this is a really good source to examine:
First release
Last update
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