Borderlands - Cheat Table

Borderlands - Cheat Table 2020-07-27

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Borderlands series has a total of four mind-blowing games, in which Borderlands is the original. The game received much of its commercial success on its great sense of humor and loot-driven multi-player co-op gameplay. It is an action-roleplaying first-person shooter video game created by the ‘Gearbox Software’ and publish by ‘2k Games’.

The player in-game has to choose himself from one of the available characters of vault hunters, these vault hunters have to travel to planet ‘Pandora’ to find the hidden fabled vault and complete quests. One of the core features of the Borderland game is the loot system. This feature adds thrill to the existing gameplay as the unique feature maintains the excitement level for gamers

Finding the vault is not the only challenge faced by these hunters but they also have to deal with the violet wildlife of Pandora, crazed scavengers, and military groups who are trying their level best to stop them reaching the vault. The mission is hard but not impossible as the hunters have extraordinary abilities and skills. Completing different quests and defeating foes brings money and experience as a reward, which can be utilized to expand player’s current skill tree.

Borderlands Cheat Table

Our Borderlands cheat table has multiple codes that can help you to survive on the brutal planet of Pandora. You can use hack infinite ammo and become immortal. No one can harm you or bring you damage you will be the supreme authority. Use these cheats without any fear because you're smarter than all. Have an unlimited supply of money just by using the cheats. Once you'll start using these codes you'll swear by it and without using these tricks your game will become boring. If you are really searching for thrill take my word and download Borderlands cheat table right now.

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  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite Money

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