Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Resources & Unit Editor

Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Resources & Unit Editor v101.101.43210.2

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AOE2: DE (v101.101.43210) Cheats



Age Of Empires II Cheat Features
  • Anti-Cheat bypass
  • Resources Editor
    • Food, Wood, Gold, Stone, Population
  • Unit Editor
    • HP / Coordinate
    • Attack
    • Armor
    • Range / Line Of Sight
    • Resources carried and type
  • Allow Building Bypass Health Cap
  • Map Hack
    • Keep Tile visible (semi-like old version of `polo` cheat code)
    • Explore all map (semi-like old version of `macro+polo` cheat code)

Important Notes:

Get rid of the `battleserver(.exe)` in the game folder in the way you like
Don't use anything before game fully launched, and enable bypass anti-cheat first before using anything else!

The AAC is fairly simple, just redirect integrity checkers to the copy of original memories, if you have your own injections that outside of default copy regions, edit:
  • `OffsetPageStart`: The offset of main image (AoE2DE_s.exe) to start copy
  • `OffsetPageEnd`: The offset of main image (AoE2DE_s.exe) to end copy
  • `ValCodeSize`: Subtract two values above

The encrypted section has two entry:
  • Decrypted
    • Decrypted value
  • Writeback
    • Edit this to change the original value, "-1" means don't write back, other values will work

Explore all map cheat sometimes not working (works most of time), and need to re-activated each new map; if it's not working try re-activate it and moving units around to see if that works. If still doesn't probably not working in current map due to weird M$ memory issue.

Don't try to use this hack in multiplayer, you will de-synced from the game and wasting everyone's time.
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Latest updates

  1. AAC patch

    Fix a bug disabling anti-anticheat memory not restored properly Patched another code integrity...
  2. Update AC-bypass and other stuff

    Added Anti-Cheat bypass (enable first before use other hacks, there might others I didn't...
  3. Update new toys with v43210

    Added Unit coordinate Added Unit LOS (Line Of Sight) Added Time Pointer (Things get mess if...
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