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Age of Empires II Cheats - Map hack & ESP ( 2013 ) 1.1

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This is an Age of Empires II Cheat for the original 2013 edition of the game

Cheat Features:
  • Display each players ressources (Food, Wood, Gold, Stone, Population)
  • Display amount of infantry and cavarly each player has
  • Display your villagers
  • Maphack (desync on multiplayer)
  • ESP
  • Easy to extend

Age of Empires II Hack GitHub Repo: guided-hacking/Age-of-Empires-II-2013
Download the DLL by clicking on the top right "Download" button

Guide to contributing:
1. Create a new header file YourFeatureName.h in the "Features" header folder
2. Create a new source file YourFeatureName.c++ in the "Features" source folder
3. Include "Feature.h" in your header file and make your class inherit from Feature

#pragma once
#include "Feature.h"

class Maphack : public Feature
    typedef int(__cdecl *tMaphack)();
    tMaphack oMaphack;

    void OnMenuMainWindow();
Now you cann use any of the callbacks of the Feature class:
class Feature

    bool enabled = true;
    virtual void OnInitialise();
    virtual void OnShutdown();

    virtual void OnDraw();
    virtual void OnMenuMainWindow();
    virtual void OnMenuPlayerTreenode(Player* player);

    virtual void OnPlayerIteration(Player* player);
    virtual void OnUnitIteration(Unit* unit);
4. Define what YourFeature does in its source file:

#include "Maphack.h"
#include "Renderer.h"

#include <Windows.h>

void Maphack::OnMenuMainWindow()
    if (ImGui::Button("Maphack"))
        static tMaphack oMaphack = (tMaphack)((DWORD)GetModuleHandle(NULL) + 0x26C020);
5. Register your feature in the Core.cpp file below the other features (This is how your callbacks are going to get called)
    FeatureManager::Get()->registerFeature(new UnitCollisions());
    FeatureManager::Get()->registerFeature(new Maphack());
    FeatureManager::Get()->registerFeature(new RessourceInformation());


Description on what the callbacks do:
void OnInitialise():

Runs once at the start. Do any onetime initialisiation.

void OnShutdown():
Called before the hack closes. Need to do cleanup? For example because you hooked something?

void OnDraw():
Use Renderer to draw anything on the entire screen (Use ESP Feature as an example)

void OnMenuMainWindow():
Add ImGUI components to the window main menu (Use ESP Feature as example)

void OnMenuPlayerTreenode(Player* player):
is called once for each player every frame. Add player specific stuff (Use RessourceInformation Feature as an example)

void OnPlayerIteration(Player* player):
iterates over every player once a frame (this way not every feature has to do it themselves)

void OnUnitIteration(Unit* unit):
iterates over every unit in game of each player (you can check for its owner using unit->pOwner)

List of usefull articles:
This article explains how AoE2 works in general and why so many things will get us desynced (its also interesting in general):
How to hack AoE2
Messing with Protocol and Packets
If noone else will contribute atleast I will :p But I hope some of you guys want to take a shot at the game.
Also this may help to get @timb3r and @Icew0lf started with their AoE2 journeys ;)

Age of Empires II Hacks

To get the newest version please use the repo:
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this is one of the most unique hacks we have had on GH, really cool
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