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most potent quotable?
"Unicode to rule them all, Unicode to find them, Unicode to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them" ~Big Daddy Rake
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"Religion is the way of the weak" ~OneShot
"xigncode3 detects loop function lol" ~steb
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GHLoader v2.0 (Source Included) collapse

Dec 20, 2017 - 7:03 PM - by Traxin
Alrighty folks!
Today is the day I release the official GuidedHacking Loader v2.0!

Written entirely in C++ using the Win32 API and my own really shitty GUI framework.
This project was really born as a test for said framework

The project consists of 2 components.
  • Generator
  • Loader

I wanted it to be dead easy to use and intuitive.
Open the generator, select a process, load dll, load readme (or risk distributing the default readme ), set your injection settings and hit the generate button.

I included a random name option that'll make the loader write the injector and dll to disk with random names, whatever.
UPX Loader... upx's the loader. Whatever lol...

Quick shoutout to Broihon for his dll injector since the loader piggybacks off it.

Here are the repos:

Virus scans
... [Read More]
13 Replies | 1,405 Views

How to Inject a DLL feat. the GH Injector collapse

Dec 12, 2017 - 9:44 PM - by [GH]Rake
The GH injector has 3 DLL loading methods and 4 techniques to launch these methods. Each one offers different methods of bypassing anticheat detection. Made by Lord @Broihon

Download @ https://guidedhacking.com/ghinjector

First I'll start by explaining how most dll injectors work
The most basic DLL injector works by
Using WriteProcessMemory to write the DLL path to memory
Calling CreateRemoteThread() which creates a new thread in the target process
Inside this new thread you call LoadLibrary() and it loads the DLL into memory
Then your code in your DLL starts executing

CreateRemoteThread does not allow a user process in one session inject into a system or otherwise different session.
If you want to inject into a system process or a process in a different session you need to use NtCreateThreadEx
NtCreateThreadEx doesn't care about the process session

LoadLibrary() Tells the OS to load a .dll into memory, it's just one function call nice and easy.
Now what if an anticheat hooks LoadLibrary to detect you?

Let's take a step back and explain a little bit of Windows Internals

It exported by kernel32.dll, Kernel32 exposes your process to the Win32 API.
These... [Read More]
19 Replies | 1,252 Views

Cheat Engine How to Pointer Scan with Pointermaps collapse

Nov 29, 2017 - 10:10 PM - by [GH]Rake

How To Pointer Scan Faster (Like a Boss Edition)
2 Methods Traditional & Multiple PointerMaps

Traditional Pointer Scanning with 1 pointermap:

1) Use 1 pointermap
2) Define last offset
3) Use Value instead of address scan
4) Define base module address range
5) Restart Game + rescan until you get diminishing returns

Results of this method:
36000 = Results with default settings
32000 = Results with base module defined
2000 = Results with base module + last offset defined
2000 = Results with pointermap
140 = Results after restart + rescan
118 = Results after second restart

Results = Innacurate, slow and annoying

Extra: getAddress('EoCapp.exe') + getModuleSize('EoCapp.exe')

Advanced Pointer Scanning using multiple pointermaps

Generate 1st pointer map, label it PointerMap1
For each variable you want to find a pointer for, place the variable in the cheat table.
Label them PointerMap1

Close the game, re-open it.

Genereate 2nd pointermap, label it PointerMap2
For each variable you want to find a pointer for, place the variable in the cheat table.
Label them... [Read More]
4 Replies | 903 Views

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