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COD WWII Undetected Cheat Engine collapse

Oct 01, 2017 - 3:39 PM - by [GH]Rake

Wondering where all the hacks are for Call of Duty WWII? Me too. I haven't made any cheats but if you play around with Call of Duty WW2 you will notice that opening Cheat Engine will cause WWII to crash because they use some detection based on file paths and window names. If you change these things in Cheat Engine you can make it undetected for this game and then you can use Cheat Engine like you normally would. So I'm attaching a undetected cheat engine to this post so you can download it.

How to use:
  1. Extract the .exe to your Cheat Engine Folder
  2. Rename the cheat engine folder to anything you want except "Cheat Engine"
  3. Run the new .exe

I did notice some TLS callback stuff so I don't think you can start the game from a debugger. When you set a breakpoint with the normal windows debugger it crashes the game, when you use VEH debugger I get this:

Doesn't matter what kind of breakpoint you use (Hardware, Int3, Page Execeution) they all cause the game to crash.

But you can search, scan and write to memory using cheat engine no.

but what about DBVM and Dark Bytes's kernel driver dbk64.sys so we can attach the debugger?

Well the security certificate signed dbk64.sys... [Read More]
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Dishonored 2: Hard To Find Value | Blink Distance collapse

Aug 10, 2017 - 6:04 PM - by ChrisFayte
Dishonored 2: Hard To Find Value | Blink Distance

Continuing on in our from start to trainer series, we are looking at a very
complicated value to find. Here I show possible ways to limit your searches as we
only have one opportunity to find this value,
(when we purchase an upgrade).

Cheat The Game Youtube

Cheat The Game Facebook
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HexMurder's Free ESP V2.5 (External) + Source collapse

May 11, 2017 - 7:12 PM - by HexMurder
Okay guys. Here is the newest installment of my free ESP. It now includes signature scanning, so it should continue to work for a very long time. (even after updates).
Health Bars
Adjustable ESP Color

A ton of people have been asking me for the source so here it is. The source(C#) is a little messy. As I have said in my previous posts: It's a very simple project that I didn't want to spend a ton of time on. So it is by no means a coding masterpiece. It is however, a great learning resource by nature since it is so simple. All of the classes are very straight forward, and I spent about 15 extra mins adding some comments to help comprehend some things that people(noobs) may find confusing. Honestly just made it for fun to see what all could be done with GDI in C#. I would never use GDI in a private hack because it is way too slow. BUT for a free hack, it's pretty good. For those who want to start making their own esps using directx I would recommend starting this route.

Again. This is undetected as of now, but you do risk a ban (as you do using any hack) by using this online. So use at your own risk.

To use this hack, run the game first... [Read More]
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