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Cheat Engine How to Pointer Scan with Pointermaps collapse

Nov 29, 2017 - 10:10 PM - by [GH]Rake

How To Pointer Scan Faster (Like a Boss Edition)
2 Methods Traditional & Multiple PointerMaps

Traditional Pointer Scanning with 1 pointermap:

1) Use 1 pointermap
2) Define last offset
3) Use Value instead of address scan
4) Define base module address range
5) Restart Game + rescan until you get diminishing returns

Results of this method:
36000 = Results with default settings
32000 = Results with base module defined
2000 = Results with base module + last offset defined
2000 = Results with pointermap
140 = Results after restart + rescan
118 = Results after second restart

Results = Innacurate, slow and annoying

Extra: getAddress('EoCapp.exe') + getModuleSize('EoCapp.exe')

Advanced Pointer Scanning using multiple pointermaps

Generate 1st pointer map, label it PointerMap1
For each variable you want to find a pointer for, place the variable in the cheat table.
Label them PointerMap1

Close the game, re-open it.

Genereate 2nd pointermap, label it PointerMap2
For each variable you want to find a pointer for, place the variable in the cheat table.
Label them... [Read More]
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Cheat Engine 6.7 Tutorial Video Guide collapse

Nov 12, 2017 - 5:11 PM - by [GH]Rake
New updated for Cheat Engine 6.7 here is a video guide to explain how to complete Cheat Engine's built in tutorial.
The first video explains Steps 1-5 which are extremely beginner oriented, so skip these if you're decent with Cheat Engine.
Even if you're decent with Cheat Engine, check out the second video, maybe I'm better explaining it than other people
If anyone is asking for help finding pointers or basic cheat engine skills please point them to this video series!

Video 2:
Step 6: Pointers
Step 7: Code Injection
Step 8: Multi-level pointers
Step 9: Shared Op Code

Here's the little template I use for finding multi level pointers, it works really well if you follow the video
Address = Value = ?

base ptr -> address + offset4 = address

base ptr -> address + offset3 = address
base ptr -> address + offset2 = address

static base -> address + offset1 = address
Cheat Engine GitHub
... [Read More]
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Quick Tip: Visual Studio Run as Administrator + Manifest File collapse

Nov 08, 2017 - 10:15 PM - by [GH]Rake
Just 2 quick tips, basic knowledge for coding applications in Visual Studio that are particularly useful when making external hacks that use OpenProcess and require administrator access.

GH Quick Tips: How to run Visual Studio as an administrator everytime and how to compile your applications to run as admin when executed by your end users. By using a manifest file which is basically a resource built into the binary, it will prompt User Account Control to elevate the process to administrator mode.

Run Visual Studio as Administrator

Windows 8 & 10:
  1. Right click devenv.exe and select "troubleshoot compatibility"
  2. Click "Troubleshoot Program"
  3. Select "The program requires additional permissions"
  4. Click "Next" then Test the Program
  5. Click Next
  6. Save the Settings
  7. Click "Close"

Windows 7:

Right Click the .exe -> Properties -> Check run as admin

Force Application to Run as Admin using Manifest File:
Project Properties -> Linker -> Manifest File -> UAC Execution Level -> Run as Administrator

Checkout our friends:
... [Read More]
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