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GH Injector V1.8 (Source included) collapse

Sep 04, 2016 - 8:28 PM - by Broihon
Hello GH members and unregistered fgts!

Today is the day on which I release another version of the GH Inјeсtοr I've been working on the last few months (including many breaks ).
Let's get into the features and the current development state:

Injection Methods:
  • LoadLibrary
  • LdrLoadDll Stub
  • Manual Mapping

Post Injection Options:
  • Erase PE Header
  • Fake windows module header
  • Unlink module from PEB

All of this can also be done with thread hijacking meaning if the game detects NtCreateThreadEx you don't need to worry. Processes can be selected by name or process ID and by the fancy process picker.
It's compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit programs running on Windows XP or higher. Settings of the GUI are saved to a local ini file.

In case you don't want to use the GUI you can call the two injector versions with these commands:

/p <PID>
  • This parameter defines the process identifier (eg. 4520 or 1234). This number must be in base 10. This parameter is required.

/f... [Read More]
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C++ External Signature Scanning collapse

Jul 04, 2016 - 11:01 PM - by [GH]Rake
Greeetings GuidedHacking fans! I had 2 people request a tutorial on external pattern scanning because Fleep's signature scan tutorial only covered internal hacks. You will notice that the code itself is not that much different from Fleep's signature scan tutorial.

The feedback we've received for our new videos has been positive because they are more detailed than previously. For that reason this may be a bit boring for some people because I may go a bit overboard explaining every detail. But I wanted to take the opportunity to do that for my first few coding videos so I can give you a solid foundation and make sure you understand the underlying concepts behind basic game hacking.

I share with you my tips and tricks and important things I have learned over the past 2 years.

Bug Fix - Code Updated 2017!
This isn't an overhaul of the code, it's just a bug fix to make this tutorial still viable.

If the pattern contains \x00\ the strlen will stop prematurely because it's the null terminator
In patternscan.cpp change
strlen(pattern) to strlen(mask)

Also in the VirtualProtect call, we used PROCESS_VMREAD which will cause a crash if that code gets executed while applying your patches.
Change all the protection mask to PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE

GetModule will return the first module if no modules are found. Several changes were made for error checking.

... [Read More]
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GuidedHacking Patreon collapse

Apr 22, 2016 - 12:42 PM - by [GH]Rake
We officially have a Patreon, an easy way for you to contribute to GuidedHacking!

GuidedHacking is a video game hacking community that provides text and video tutorials for learning to hack video games. We are a helpful community of game hackers that enjoy helping people learn the craft. GuidedHacking is not run for profit, every penny that is earned is re-invested directly back into GH. We have domain fees, hosting costs, liscensing fees and upcoming server upgrades and software purchases that will allow us to take GH to the next level. Your patronage will help ease the burden and allow me more time to focus on making GH great again. That being said I cannot commit to making videos as frequently as I would like, the work being done in the background at guidedhacking.com is surprisingly time consuming. Therefore in effort not to dissapoint you, please pledge to support all of GH, not just the videos

When I get $50 a month pledged I will make Part2 of Solaire's C++ How To Hack Any Game Tutorial! Also I will commit to making 1 video per month.
... [Read More]
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