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      Post GH Advertisers Guide

      Thank you for your interest in advertising with GH! Here is some general information about our advertising program:

      We get 25,000 unique users every month and are increasing the number every month.

      67,000 registered users, 30,000 youtube subscribers, 3.5+ Million Youtube views, 800 Google+ followers, 850 Facebook Followers, 250 Twitter Followers

      We currently have 4 ad slots available for 10$/month each:
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	adspots1.png 
Views:	8 
Size:	63.9 KB 
ID:	3588Click image for larger version. 

Name:	adspots2.png 
Views:	9 
Size:	151.9 KB 
ID:	3589

      Default ad dimensions are 728x90 and 300x250, suggest an alternate size if you want

      When all 4 slots are rented and demand for advertising is high we will auction these ad slots to the highest bidder starting at $10. This will ensure a fair market price and if you want the main "Below Navbar" you must outbid everyone. Payments are accepted through PayPal only at this time.

      Members who donate to GH or pledge on our Patreon will be placed in the Donator usergroup and as an incentive will not see ads. We currently have 75 donators but only ~20 of them are active members.

      As a user of adblocker, I respect the users choice to use an adblocker and will make no attempt to bypass it.

      Every month I will send you a paypal payment request. If payment is not received, your ad will be removed. You can cancel at anytime.

      Along with advertising on http://GuidedHacking.com, we will leverage our social media to strengthen your internet presence. Upons signing up we will give shoutouts to you on our social media:


      If you have released new services/products PM me on the forum and I can do periodic shoutouts to support you.

      The easiest way to contact me is by PMing me here on the forums or on our Discord server.

      All the money we recieve pays for hosting costs etc... and all the profits at this time get directly re-invested into GH in the form of marketing/advertising, upgrades, software liscenses etc.... Not only are you signing up to advertise your business, you are helping to support us here at GH.

      All terms to our agreement are negotiable, there is no contract, and all terms are subject to change at any time.

      Thank you considering partnering with us! PM me to get started

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      Re: GH Advertisers Guide

      GuidedHacking Advertisements
      Looking for advertisers! Support GH and get traffic for your site!

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